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Students nowadays are increasingly tech savvy. Many live more on than offline. Getting their heads back in the classroom can be challenging. That's why we want to help teachers bridge the gap between education and digitally oriented minds.

SpellNow is the English literacy tool to help you maximize student learning outcomes. Designed for years 1 to 6, the SpellNow apps fuse gamification elements with personalised learning.

Inspire students to love learning.

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Curriculum aligned

Our skill-based exercises align with school programs. Improve your students' results one lesson at a time.

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Personalized learning experience

Every child learns differently. Our apps adapt to their individual skills and knowledge, so they achieve their maximum learning potential!

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Discover, improve, perfect

Spelling lists are organised according to letter-sound patterns and word-family groupings. They range from simple to complex or unusual spelling. Everything they need to excel.

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For every learning style

Sight, sound, touch: all play an important role in the learning experience. That's how our interactive learning games access different types of memory. This makes it easier for everything to sink in.

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Teacher's assistant

The Teacher Dashboard makes formative assessment easy, with access to detailed real time reports. Take pride in your class' progress.

Boost spelling knowledge

To aid the learning process and maximize results, our games develop all four types of spelling knowledge.

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The SpellNow Series Apps: designed for years 1 to 6

Integrated with Google Classroom:

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