Learning flies
when you're having fun

Children always want to play. Always.

And now they can enjoy learning just as much!

SpellNow turns learning into a fun experience for years 1-6. Over 5000+ words and sentences improve your child's English spelling skills. That's why we've designed games that keep their attention and adapt to their level and knowledge.

Spelling is one of the cornerstones of education. Reading, writing and developing your vocabulary all rely on your spelling abilities. That's why we want your child to master it.

That's why we want them to play.

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Custom learning experience

Every child learns differently. Our apps adapt to their individual skills and knowledge, so they achieve their maximum learning potential.

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For every learning style

Sight, sound, touch: all play an important role in the learning experience. That's how our interactive learning games access different types of memory. This makes it easier for everything to sink in.

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Play and learn

Learning is the aim. Playing is the means. Six interactive games hold their attention and make study enjoyable. Bonus games reward them as they progress.

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Get results

Games keep children interested. Curriculum aligned content helps them improve. Student reports allow you to take pride in their results.

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The joy of learning

SpellNow does more than inspire your child to love learning.

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