Passionate About Education

Igniting children's passion for learning

The team at Education Curb are passionate advocates of education. We believe that a child's education is a beacon into their future. English literacy skills equip them with the tools they need to navigate through life and realize their potential.

In order to ignite children's passion for English literacy learning, we have tapped into what makes them tick - fun games that stimulate their imagination to motivate and inspire them.

Education Curb creates transformational English literacy apps that use gamification elements to make learning fun and entertaining so students come back again and again to develop their skills.

Fun Apps, Quality Content

Drive student achievement

When students enjoy what they are doing, they'll invest time in that activity. Education Curb creates transformational English literacy apps that make learning fun!

But our apps are more than just fun; they deliver quality content that focuses of skill development.

Education Curb has engineered an adaptive learning platform that identifies students' skill gaps and automatically personalizes their learning experience so they achieve transformational results.

The Education Curb Team

Product Director

Having worked as a Software Engineer for over 15 years, Jari has vast experience in product development. As a Senior Software Engineer, he was responsible for architecting complex information systems. Jari also spent many years working in the E-Learning industry alongside educators.

Born at the beginning of the computer game generation, Jari has been passionate about computer games since he first played Space Invaders in the 70s. That same passion still lives on today and goes into all the products he develops for Education Curb.

Jari has a great sense of humor and likes to add a bit of comic relief into each of our games. He believes laughter and enjoying the environment you are in is the key to keeping kids engaged and wanting to learn.

Education Director

Vicky is a passionate and dedicated teaching professional with over 20 years experience. Informed by her extensive experience creating and implementing education programs in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels of education, Vicky knows what it takes to get results.

Her strengths include teaching English as a foreign language (TEFOL), teaching academic English, developing reading-comprehension strategies, helping students with learning difficulties, and accelerating gifted and talented students. Vicky believes in explicit teaching practices that allow students to develop skills step-by-step in order to maximise their outcomes and boost their confidence. Tapping into students' skill gaps and learning styles are essential to get results, while positive reinforcement and immediate feedback empower them to take charge of their learning.

Vicky loves developing meaningful literacy content that appeals to 21st century learners. Her experience in the E-Learning space has shaped her education philosophy, where a fusion of entertainment and education is needed to actively engage and motivate learners.

Vicky incorporates her knowledge, research and experience into every learning game to ensure that Education Curb leads the charge in game-based education.

Business Director

Mahgan is a visionary executive offering 20+ years in mobile application solution selling. She is a versatile executive strategist recognized for having superior marketing skills, proven sales abilities and exceptional business acumen.

Progressive, decisive, and innovative, Mahgan's strengths lie in interpreting corporate vision and strategy, translating objectives into actionable plans, and successfully executing these into profitable sales. Embodying a consultative style of leadership, she is valued by superiors, peers, and clientele for being highly collaborative, interpersonal and solutions-orientated.

Mahgan has worked for many multinationals, including Syniverse technologies and SAP. She is passionate about the education industry and the positive impact technology related learning environments can have on 21st students.

Creative Director

As Education Curb's resident creative wizard, Jessica makes an art form out of doodling. Nobody knows what quirky characters or magical worlds will be immortalized on the screen with a few frenetic strokes of her stylus.

A self-confessed 'Disney Freak', Jessica loves the world of illustration and animation because it makes her happy and encourages her to believe in the power of her dreams. She enjoys having the creative freedom to bring her dreams to life and breathe life into her special characters.

Jessica is hoping to share that wonder with Education Curb customers by producing APPs that combine art and education. She believes that gaming in education is an innovative fusion that brings joy and fun into children's lives and gets them excited about learning.